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Here is What Our Clients Are Saying About Us! 

Re: Galleria Pet Services

Michelle, Mimi and Maribel are the best dog walkers/pet sitters that I have ever used. They were always wonderful to my dog and were super accommodating during emergency situations that arose or any special lifesaving last minute requests. They always treated my dog like he was their own. I can't recommend them enough.

James K. and Otto the Great Dane

Houston, Texas

Dear Dog Owners:

Hank loves to stay at Michelle's house whenever I leave town; he gets love and attention there as opposed to at a kennel, and he gets to play with other dogs in a backyard setting that he's used to.  Michelle and her family are very good to Hank and he feels comfortable in their home.  Tanglewood Dog Walkers has been very accommodating to my schedule and will pick up and drop off Hank whenever it is convenient for me, which makes leaving town a lot easier.  Thanks Michelle!

Clark H. and Hank the Black Labrador Retriever

Larchmont, Houston

Dear Readers: 

Dealing with Michelle was pure joy. She is creative considerate and sensitive to the needs of her clients.

Austin, Texas

Dear Pet Owners: 

The Dog Walkers at Galleria Pet Services have helped clear any worries that I may have when either travelling and needing a Pet sitter, or for daily walks for my puppy (Miss Molly) to stretch her legs and do her business. I am beyond grateful to have found such a warm, welcoming, safe and accommodating group of pet lovers to help ensure that Molly enjoys her day to the fullest. 

Molly has grown very fond of her "Puppy Play Days" and even once became so excited when arriving at GPS that she tried to jump out of the window of my car as I was putting up the window! She absolutely loves her new friends and she has grown into such a playful puppy through her experience with GPS. There is nothing cuter than returning home to see her barely able to open her eyes from playing all day long. 

Not only does Molly absolutely love the time she spends with Michelle, Maribel, Martha, Patti, Matthew or Cody, but I have found their services to be beyond accommodating with my busy and always changing last minute work schedule. My stress level has been greatly reduced during the '12pm calls that I have a flight at 5pm' since finding TWD, as Michelle is always there to help out and ensure arrangements will be made for Molly. 

All I can say is I absolutely love that I have found GPS and I make sure I spread the word about how great their services are whenever I can. 

Thank you GPS! 

Matthew, Natalie and Molly S.

Galleria / Houston, TX